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Successful Cases
Philippines - 6 units ISUZU 600P 5000L stainless steel water tank truck exported


On November 8th, 2022, 6 units ISUZU drinking water tank trucks were ready for shipment. The trucks will be loaded in containers at CEEC factory and delivered to Shanghai seaport.

6 units ISUZU 5000 liters potable water trucks were exported to Philippines

Client: Mr. Devin

Project: Drinking Water Delivery Project in Philippines

Year: 2022,11

Project Background

Mr. Devin is the director of a fresh water service company in Philippines. His is our regular customer, who bought water tank trucks from us 3 years ago. In October, his company had a plan of purchasing 6 units of stainless steel water tank truck for potable water transport. He sent us the specifications and asked for request of quotation. We gave him our best solutions according to his requirements. And the order was confirmed very quickly. 25 days later, all these ISUZU drinking water trucks were completed and well tested, ready for shipment.

The stainless steel water tank are based on ISUZU 4×2 600P light duty chassis, which is equipped with ISUZU 130HP Euro 5 diesel engine, MSB 5-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 tires. The tank is made of food grade stainless steel 304-2B, with the capacity of 6000 liters, equipped with China famous stainless steel water pump and stainless steel pipes.


CEEC TRUCKS is a leading manufacturer of water truck, supply water tank based on different chassis, such as ISUZU, Dongfeng, HOWO, Beiben, Shacman, FOTON, etc. The tank material can be carbon steel or stainless steel.


Key Pointes:

ISUZU 700P 4×2 drinking water truck

→ISUZU stainless steel water tank trucks

ISUZU 600P 130HP 5000 liters drinking water truck for sale

6 units customized ISUZU 600P 130HP 5000L stainless steel water trucks for sale

ISUZU 4×2 mini potable water tank trucks with 5000 liters capacity

ISUZU 4×2 600P 5000L drinking water trucks are ready for shipment

Good price ISUZU 600P 5 tons stainless steel potable water truck for sale

Factory direct sale ISUZU 600P 130HP stainless steel drinking water truck

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