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Uganda customer buy 3 units shacman RHD tipper trucks


SHACMAN RHD 30T Dumper Trucks export Uganda


Client: Uganda Customer

Project: Uganda Kasikizi Coal Mine project

Year: 2017.12

Project Background: Customer from Uganda run a big Coal Mine in Kasikizi. Which need plenty of dump trucks for their regular working. As the professional tipper trucks manufacturer, we CEEC TRUCKS have more than 15 years experience in manufacturing beiben, Sinotruk, Shacman, Jac, Iveco, etc. dumpers. Genuine dump truck spare parts are available in 24 hours. we provide 3 units SHACMAN RHD model 10 wheeler dump trucks based on customer detailed requirement.

Key Pointes:

       → Previous export Tipper trucks

       → Dumper trucks

       → One Year warranty with genuine spare parts 


SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi 


SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi

(3 units SHACMAN 30T RHD dumpers ready for delivery to China Seaport)


CEEC supply BEIBEN, SHACMAN 10 wheel dumper trucks, 12 wheel tippers are widely export Asia and Africa countries:

The overall designing of the Beiben NG80B 2628 tipper truck is pleasing to the eyes. And new driving cab is designed by shacman.

The structure of metal framework and stressed-skin exclusive to the domestic heavy-duty trucks makes possible the security of European vehicles at the same level, and can satisfy the requirements of European ECER29 Security Regulations.

The SHACMAN dumper truck frame is molded by stamping and this guarantees the strength of the crossbeams.

The axle technique unique to Benz vehicles boasts of features such as high reliability, fuel economy, high attendance rate, strengthened structure, large cargo capacity, all making it suitable for engineering projects such as road and bridge construction, water conservancy projects, as well as transportation of various heavy goods.

  All our 2018 newly designed SHACMAN tipper trucks are widely export Africa Kanya, Algeria, Cameroon, Congo, South Africa, Middle Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, etc.


Beiben 40T dumper truck supplier


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SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi


SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi


SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi


SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi


SHACMAN RHD tipper truck export Uganda Kasikizi


Watch CEEC Dump Trucks on YOUTUBE

Beiben 2534, 2538 dumpers in Road testing:              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRwmNi4m9GE




Beiben 2534, 2538 tippers in BV inspection:         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4N_hlLYj18


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How to build a good quality and choose best beiben dump trucks ?



Congo Beiben 2534 Dump Trucks detailed specification review:


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