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Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck for sale

Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck

Shacman 25Tons dump truck, Shacman 6x4 chassis, FAST 8 speed manual gearbox,Shacman 340HP diesel engine, high strength steel tipper body, with HYVA or domestic hydraulic lifter optional. All painting and logos depend on requirement.

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    China CEEC
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Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck



Shacman 6*4 Dump truck (also called Shacman F3000 tipper truck, Shacman heavy duty tipper truck, Shacman 25 tons tipper lorry, Shacman dumper truck, construction tipper truck, dump truck manufacturer) is designed for both overseas and domestic high end heavy truck markets. is a special vehicle used to transport large amounts of bulk materials (such as ore, coal, earthwork, etc.)

CEEC Heavy Duty Trucks dump truck is manufactured using the cutting-edge technology and components in the world such as WABCO double-cylinder air compressor, brake valve, HYVA front hydraulic system, etc.

1.Strong load-carrying capacity: Large dump trucks generally have a large load-carrying capacity and can carry tens to hundreds of tons of materials. This allows them to carry large amounts of material in one shipment, improving transportation efficiency.

2.Flexible and fast unloading: Large dump trucks are equipped with automatic unloading devices that can quickly unload materials from the vehicle body. The unloading process often only takes a few minutes. This unloading method enables the dump truck to complete the unloading of materials in a short time and improves work efficiency.

3.Strong off-road capability: Large dump trucks usually have high off-road performance and can travel in complex road environments. They are often used to transport materials under harsh working conditions such as mining and construction sites, so they need to have good off-road performance to cope with various complex terrains.

4.Stable and firm structure: In order to ensure load-carrying capacity and safety, large dump trucks usually adopt a solid body structure, which has high structural stability and load-bearing capacity. This allows the dump truck to remain stable under load, reducing the risk of accidents caused by excessive load.


 Key Features:         

---- Shacman heavy duty chassis, perfect performance
---- Shacman diesel engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
---- Payload from 20ton to 100 tons.
---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Various types of tipper body are available.




Truck Model

Shacman F3000 dump truck

Max. running speed (km/h)


Drive System






Dump body


Cargo box volume

20-25 cubic meter is available

Cargo box thickness (mm)

Bottom 8, side 6

Hydraulic lifting system

front lifting HYVA

Approach / depature angle (° )

28 / 30

Kerb weight (kg)


Total mass (kg)


Wheel base (mm)


Overhang (mm) (front/rear)

1525 / 1710

Track width (mm) (front/rear)

1860 / 1800


Weichai engine, Euro 3

Horse power

340 hp


Fast 10 speed gear


430 Diaphragm type


ZF technology


MAN F3000 flat roof Cabin with A/C & sleeper



9.5 Ton MAN with Drum brake



16 Ton MAN axle,Double reduction 5.262



Oil tank





Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck

Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck

Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck

(Factory supplies Shacman tipper trucks at good price)

Heavy duty dump trucks are widely used in the following scenarios due to their high load capacity and unloading flexibility: 


1.Mining Industry: Heavy duty dump trucks play an important role in the mining industry and are used to transport large quantities of bulk materials such as ore and coal. Large dump trucks can transport ore directly from the excavation area to crushing or processing equipment at the mining site, and transport impurity materials such as waste rock back to the mining site. Its high load capacity and strong off-road capabilities make the dump truck competent for heavy material transportation in the mining industry.

2.Construction sites: In construction sites, Heavy duty dump trucks are often used to transport earth, stone, building materials and other materials. They can transport large amounts of soil, sand, bricks, etc. from the construction site, or transport construction materials such as mortar, cement, etc. to the construction site. The quick unloading function of the dump truck can quickly complete the unloading of materials on the construction site and improve the efficiency of construction site logistics.

3.Transportation construction: In transportation infrastructure construction such as road construction and subway construction, Heavy duty dump trucks are usually used for material transportation in earthworks, tunnel projects, and roadbed projects. They can move large quantities of earth and rock materials out of excavation areas or tunnels, or transport landfill materials, roadbed materials, etc. to the construction site.

4.Waste disposal: In the field of urban sanitation and waste disposal, Heavy duty dump trucks are often used to transport large quantities of bulk materials such as garbage, waste, and waste. They can transport these waste materials from cities or construction sites to garbage disposal stations or slag disposal sites, and play the role of cleaning and processing waste materials.


In addition to the above scenarios, large dump trucks can also be used in special occasions such as military material transportation and coal mine closures. Generally speaking, large dump trucks are suitable for areas that require large amounts of material transportation, with industry and construction being the main application areas.

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 Famous brand FAST 9-shift manual gearbox, 9 forward & 1 reverse

Expert for producing Shacman tipper truck over 10 years with good reputation

Carbon steel material

12 months free fast moving spare parts

All English version control box, panel, and owner's manual, for easy understanding 

Training service for Shacman dump trucks

Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck


Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck

CEEC TRUCKS is the best supplier of HOWO Dump trucks in China. Our Howo 6*4 tip-trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.


---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- Maximize save your sea freight. 

---- Safty, Quickly, Timely.

CEEC garbage compactor truck factory review

---- Service more than 60 countries.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- CO, FORM E, FORM P, Pre-shipping Inspection....

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      Shacman F3000 rigid dump truck
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