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We aim at supplying good quality construction trucks, range from tractor truck, dump truck, concrete mixer truck , asphalt distributor and other special purpose engineer trucks. As the most professional construction manufacturer, we can customized howo dumper, JAC dumper, Shacman dumper, beiben dumper . 

  • 38m Cement Pump Truck HOWO - CEEC
    38m Cement Pump Truck HOWO

    HOWO 6x4 Concrete pump truck

    HOWO 38m cement pump transport truck

    HOWO transit mixer pump vehicle export Africa

  • North benz dumper truck
    Brand new Beiben 2642 truck

    Beiben 420HP vehicle

    Beiben euro 3 dump truck

    Beiben 6×4 dumper chassis

    Brand new beiben 2642 cargo truck

  • North benz dump truck
    Brand new Beiben 6x4 Tipper truck

    Beiben Dump truck

    North benz tipper-truck for sale

    Beiben dumping truck manufacturer

    Good quality Beiben tipper

  • North benz Tipper truck
    Beiben 6x4 Tipper lorry

    Beiben tip-truck

    North benz tip-truck for sale

    Brand new Beiben Dumper truck

    Beiben dumper supplier

  • Beiben Tipper
    North benz 6x4 Tip-truck

    Beiben tipper-truck

    North benz tipper lorry

    Beiben Dump truck supplier

    Beiben dumper vehicle

  • Beiben Tipper
    Beiben 6x4 Dumping Truck

    Beiben tipper

    Beiben heavy-duty dump truck

    Beiben Dump vehicle supplier

    North benz tipper-truck

  • 12CBM Cement Mixer FOTON - CEEC
    12CBM Cement Mixer FOTON

    FOTON 12 CBM cement mixer

    FOTON 6x4 mixer truck

    FOTON transit mixer

  • Best beiben 1927 tractor truck
    Beiben 1927 Towing Truck

    beiben 1927 tractor trucks for kenya

    benz 1927 towing trucks export Congo

    Beiben 4*2 tractor truck

  • Dongfeng 10 wheels Dump truck
    Dongfeng 20 Ton Dump truck

    Dongfeng tipper truck

    Dongfeng 6×4 dumper truck

    Factory price Dongfeng tipper truck

    Dongfeng 10 wheeler tipper lorry

  • Beiben 380HP Dump truck chassis
    Beiben 12 wheeler truck

    Beiben Euro 3 vehicle with 380HP

    Low price Beiben heavy duty trucks

    Beiben cargo truck chassis

    Beiben 8×4 dump truck chassis

  • Beiben 8x4 Dump truck chassis
    Beiben 8x4 heavy duty chassis

    North benz 3134 truck

    Beiben dumper truck chassis

    Factory price Beiben chassis for sale

    Beiben 340HP trucks

  • Beiben Dump truck
    Beiben 8x4 Dump truck

    North benz dump truck

    Beiben dumping trucks for sale

    Factory price Beiben tiiper truck

    Beiben tipper lorry

  • Beiben Dump truck
    North benz 8x4 Tipping truck

    Beiben dump tipper supplier

    North benz dump trucks for sale

    Factory price Beiben dumping truck

    Brand new Beiben tipper

  • North benz 8x4 Heavy Dump truck
    Beiben 8x4 Dumper truck

    Factory price Beiben tipper-truck

    Beiben 8x4 tipping truck

    North benz tipper manufacturer

    Beiben dump truck

  • North benz Dumper truck
    Beiben 8x4 Tipper-truck

    Beiben dump vehicle supplier

    North benz tipper for sale

    Brand new Beiben tipper lorry

  • 4CBM Mixer truck DONGFENG - CEEC
    4CBM Mixer truck DONGFENG

    DONGFENG 4x2 Concrete Mixer truck

    DONGFENG 4 CBM cement mixer

    DONGFENG RHD concrete mixer

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