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Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck with factory direct sale

Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck

Shacman F3000 8×4 20000L vacuum sewage truck export to Africa, WEICHAI 380HP diesel engine,Faust 12-shift manual gearbox, high strength carbon steel material tanker, the capacity can be 16000 to 25000 liters. China famous WEILONG vacuum pump and imported JUROP / BP / MORO vacuum pump for option, hydraulic lifting device for waste discharge, painting and logos depend on request.

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    15 Days
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Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck




Shacman H3000 6×4 Vacuum Tank Truck  (also called Shcaman 340HP sewer cleaning truck, Shcaman heavy-duty vacuum septic truck,Shcaman septic cleaner truck,Shcaman high pressure sewer cleaning truck,Shcaman sewage suction truck,Shcaman vacuum truck,Shcaman vacuum tanker,Shcaman sucker truck,sewer sucker,Shcaman exhauster truck,Shcaman sewer vacuum truck) is used to collect, transport and discharge liquid such as dirty water, sludge, septic, crude oil, and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.


The Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck is an efficient, reliable and feature-rich urban cleaning device. Shacman F3000 vacuum tank truck has powerful power performance and is equipped with a 375-horsepower diesel engine, which can meet the needs of high-intensity operations. Its 8×4 drive system enables it to maintain excellent driving and working capabilities in various complex road conditions. The Shacman F3000 vacuum sewage tank truck has a large sewage suction capacity of 25,000 liters, which can quickly and effectively clean sewage and sludge in the city.


The sewage tanker truck can be equipped with cabin Pneumatic Control for easy operation.


The Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck is equipped with an efficient vacuum pump and high-quality suction hose, making the suction process faster and more thorough. Shacman heavy-duty vacuum sewage tank truck also has a humanized cab design, providing the driver with a comfortable working environment. The maintenance of the Shacman F3000 vacuum tank truck is also very convenient, and all standard accessories such as inlet, discharge, and anti-overflow valves are readily available. In addition, users can also choose carbon steel or stainless steel tank materials and imported brand vacuum pumps according to actual needs to further improve the performance of the vehicle. To sum up, the Shacman 25000L vacuum tank truck is an efficient, reliable, and feature-rich urban cleaning equipment that makes a positive contribution to urban cleanliness and environmental protection.

As a truck specially designed for urban cleaning, the Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck has the following four significant performance advantages:

1. Powerful power and efficient operating capabilities: The Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck is equipped with a 375-horsepower WP12.375E40 diesel engine, which provides sufficient power for the truck. This enables it to maintain excellent driving and working capabilities under different road conditions and working environments. Its efficient vacuum pump design can quickly suck sewage and sludge into the tank, greatly improving operating efficiency.

2. Large capacity and fast operation: Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck has a large sewage suction capacity of 25,000 liters and can handle a large amount of sewage and sludge in a single operation. Coupled with the fast sewage suction system and efficient discharge design, the entire operation process is faster and more thorough, greatly reducing operation time and costs.

3. Humanized cab and comfortable driving environment: The Shacman heavy-duty gully sucker truck adopts the F3000 flat floor cab design, which provides the driver with a spacious and comfortable driving environment. The cab is equipped with air conditioning and a single sleeper, allowing the driver to stay comfortable and energetic during long hours of operation.

4. High reliability and easy maintenance: Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck adopts high-quality parts and advanced production technology to ensure the high reliability of the entire vehicle. At the same time, the maintenance of the entire vehicle is also very convenient. All standard accessories such as inlet, exhaust, and anti-overflow valves are available, making the maintenance and upkeep process simpler and more efficient.

 Key Features:         


---- Cylinder vacuum tank can be lifted hydraulically to 40-45 degree.Rear door can be opened and closed hydraulically.

---- Adopt EU vacuum pump (Italy brand) or equivalent China top brand double vacuum pumps,super powerful,highly efficient.

---- Pump can be operated by a hydraulic motor or by an auxiliary engine.

---- Overfill system with music horn is equipped ,preventing the vacuum pump damage from sewage water into vacuum pump when the tank is full.

---- Nice shape ,rational structure,durable and long service life




Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck

Max. running speed (km/h)


Drive System





Tank body

25,000 liters

Hydraulic lifting system

Front lifting

Wheel base (mm)





Fuel  Type


Engine  Brand

Engine  Brand



Emission  Standard

Emission  Standard


375 hp

Ma.torque ( N,m)


Displacement (L)

11.596 L


12JSD180T , FAST Gearbox


430 Diaphragm type


ZF technology


F3000 Flat Cabin with A/C & single-sleeper


Front axle

7.5T MAN technology

Rear axle

13T MAN casting axle, final ratio 4.266

Tyre (radial tyre)


Oil tank


Super  structure

Tank  Capacity


Tank  Material

Carbon steel

Suction  Head


Vacuum  Pump

Highly  efficient,vacuum  rate93%,
quick  suction and  discharge,suction 6m.


High quality,wire strengthened hose

Rear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge of solid stuff.

All standard accessories:inlet,discharge,antifll valve.


Tank material could be carbon steel,stainless steel.
Vacuum pump could be imported brand.

Shacman 340HP 6000 gallon vacuum tanker

Shacman 340HP 6000 gallon vacuum tanker

Shacman 340HP 6000 gallon vacuum tanker

(Factory outlet Shcaman 8×4 LHD 20000 liters vacuum pump truck ready for delivery)

CEEC TRUCKS is a leading vacuum tank trucks manufacturer in China. We supply HOWO sewer sucker truck, ISUZU vacuum pump truck, Dongfeng septic pump truck, FOTON gully emptier, FAW vacuum suction truck, etc. We also customize vacuum tank trailers and vacuum tanker bodies to fit on customers truck chassis. The capacity of vacuum tankers can be 3,000-30,000 liters. Our vacuum sewage trucks are very popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America because of the high quality and low price.

Key Words: Shcaman 8×4 sewage truck, Shcaman 8*4 RHD vacuum tank truck, Shcaman vacuum suction truck,Shcaman gully emptier, Shcaman septic tank truck, Shcaman sewer sucker, Shcaman vacuum tank bodes,Shcaman vacuum truck price

Technical advantages: Source sewage suction truck production factories usually have advanced production equipment and technical teams, and are able to independently develop and manufacture high-quality source sewage suction trucks. We are able to customize production according to market demand and customer requirements to ensure product quality and performance.


Rich experience: Source sewage suction truck production factories usually have many years of production experience. We are able to improve and optimize products based on market demand and customer feedback, and continuously improve product performance and reliability.


Cost control: As a professional production factory, the source sewage suction truck production factory has a mature supply chain management system, which can effectively control raw material procurement costs and production costs, improve production efficiency and reduce product prices, and provide customers with more competitive products.


After-sales service: Source sewage suction truck production factories usually have a complete after-sales service system and can respond to customer needs and problems in a timely manner. We provide product maintenance services and spare parts supply to ensure that customers can receive effective support and assistance during use.


Parts for Cesspit emptier

parts for Cesspit emptier



CEEC TRUCKS is a professional suipplier of vacuum sewage trucks in China. We possess over 10-year export experience of sewage trucks. We can ensure the fast delivery time and 12 months guarantee for our sewer trucks. Our septic tank trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.


---- Maximize save your sea freight.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- Safety, Quickly, Timely


Factory display for Cesspit emptier


Watch CEEC Cesspit Emptier on YOUTUBE

ISUZU Vacuum Sewage truck:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfVKNSmm_S8


Cesspit Emptier Superstructure:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z99YwRpQUm4


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      Shacman F3000 gully sucker truck
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