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Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck made in China

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck with JUROP Pump

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck with ISUZU product bottom plate, high power, equipped with 190hp oil pump. The hotel is equipped with a heated and cooled air conditioning system that accommodates 3 people. 4X2 driving system for Isuzu NQR vacuum suction truck, equipped with 6-speed manual shifting box, maximum speed possible 90km/h. Isuzu ELF vacuum suction truck with steel material quality, capacity 6000-8000 liters, equipped with 7 suction pipes, high efficiency vacuum pump, quick completion suction work. Isuzu NPR sewage tank truck has been equipped with high quality steel pipes, control panels and safety equipment such as selectable vehicle overturning vehicles and image heads. Isuzu NPR sewage tanker available for selection, non-steel material quality, large profit vacuum pump high end placement, not enough customer demand.

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    China CEEC
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    20 Days
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Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck




ISUZU NPRVacuum Truck (also called sewage tanker truck, ISUZU 4×2 vacuum tank truck, ISUZU 6 wheel vacuum suction truck, ISUZU sewer sucker, ISUZU hydro-vac, China vacuum truck manufacturer) is used for suctioning and transporting various types of liquids, sludge, or solids. The vacuum system on the truck creates negative pressure inside the tank, allowing it to suck up and store materials such as sewage, wastewater, grease, septic waste, industrial byproducts, and hazardous or non-hazardous materials.environment and sanitation field.


CEEC TRUCKS Vacuum truck which use WEILONG or Italy BP vacuum pump, for 10CBM or more recommend Double Pump for efficiently working.


The septic pump truck can be equipped with cabin Pneumatic Control for easy operation.

 Key Features:         


---- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance

---- ISUZU technology engine option, super powerful, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

---- Vacuum Tanker body capacity from 3 to 20 Cublic Meter.

---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Various types of refuse container lifter are available.

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck strictly adheres to international quality standards during the manufacturing process to ensure that every vehicle leaving the factory meets the highest safety standards. From chassis to body, from engine to vacuum pump, every component has been carefully designed and rigorously tested. The use of advanced welding technology and high-quality materials ensures the durability of the Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck. In addition, environmental protection and energy saving are also paid attention to during the production process, ensuring that the Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck meets environmental requirements while meeting performance requirements.

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck

ISUZU 190hpNPR sewage tanker has excellent performance. The 190hp diesel engine it is equipped with provides powerful power output, allowing the ISUZU 190hpNPR sewage tanker to maintain efficient operation in various working environments. At the same time, the transmission system of the ISUZU 190hp NPR sewage tanker has been optimized, with smooth shifting and rapid acceleration, providing drivers with a good driving experience. In addition, the ISUZU 190hpNPR sewage tanker is also equipped with an efficient vacuum pump, which can quickly complete the sewage suction work, greatly improving work efficiency.

ISUZU 190hp NPR sewage tank truck is widely used in urban sanitation, sewage treatment and other fields. In terms of urban sanitation, it can be used to clean sewage and garbage in public places such as roads, parks, squares, etc., to keep the urban environment clean and hygienic. In terms of sewage treatment, the ISUZU 190hp NPR sewage tank truck can be used to collect, transport and treat various sewage, providing strong support for urban sewage treatment work. In addition, the ISUZU 190hp NPR sewage tank truck can also be customized according to user needs to meet the needs of different industries and scenarios.



ISUZU 190hp Vacuum Tank Truck (8000 liter)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension

7100 * 2200 * 2850 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

11,000kg / 6,500kg


Cab Capacity

3 persons allowed

Air Conditioner

Heating/cooling air conditioner


Fuel Type


Engine Brand



190 HP (140 KW)


5900 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 5


Drive Type

4X2 (left hand drive)


MLD 6-shift speed levers with 1 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

4175 mm / 3

Tire Specification


Tire Number

6 tires and 1 spare tire

Max Speed

90 km/h


Metallic paint


Body capacity

6,000 Litres

Tanker Material

Carbon Steel

Suction Head pipeline

7 m

Vacuum Pump brand

Italy JUROP / Italy BP / Domestic Pump

Vacuum Pump advantage

High efficient, vacuum rate 93%,

quick suction and discharge, suction lift 6m


High quality, wire strengthened hose

Control panel

English or Your language

All standard accessories: Inlet pipeline, discharge nozzle, cabin pneumatic control box, basic tool kit, English manual……


** Back alarm and Camera can be equipped.

** Standard carbon steel, stainless steel optional.

** Standard WEILONG vacuum pump, Italy vacuum pump optional

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck

(Factory price ISUZ vacuum sucker trucks for sale )

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck has significant advantages in protecting the ecological environment. Here are its main advantages:

 Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck

1. Efficient cleaning: The Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck uses an efficient vacuum pump and sewage suction system to quickly and thoroughly remove sewage and garbage. This efficient cleaning ability helps reduce environmental pollution from sewage and garbage and maintain ecological balance.

2. Reduce secondary pollution: Traditional sewage treatment methods may cause secondary pollution, but the design of the Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck fully takes this into consideration. It uses a sealed sewage storage tank, which effectively prevents sewage leakage and odor, thereby reducing secondary pollution to the environment.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: The diesel engine equipped with the Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck complies with strict emission standards, effectively reducing the impact of exhaust emissions on the environment. At the same time, its efficient working method also helps reduce energy consumption and achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

4. Improve the city's image: By cleaning up sewage and garbage in a timely manner, the Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck helps improve the city's overall image and hygiene level. A clean and tidy city not only attracts more tourists and investment, but also helps improve the quality of life of its residents.

5. Promote sustainable development: By reducing environmental pollution and improving resource utilization efficiency, this Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck contributes to the sustainable development of cities. It helps achieve coordinated development of economy, society and environment, and creates a better living environment for the future.

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck has many advantages in protecting the ecological environment. The characteristics of Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck such as efficient cleaning, reduction of secondary pollution, energy saving and environmental protection make it an important tool in the field of urban sanitation and sewage treatment, making positive contributions to protecting the environment, maintaining ecological balance and promoting sustainable development.

CEEC TRUCKS is a professional vacuum tank trucks manufacturer. We can provide ISUZU vacuum suction truck, HOWO vacuum sewage truck, FOTON sewer sucker, Dongfeng septic vacuum truck, etc. The capacity of sewage tankers can be 3,000-20,000 liters. Our vacuum trucks are very popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America because of the high quality and low price. 

 Euro 5 type, ISUZU engine, super powerful

 Vacuum pump super powerful, efficient pump in and out

 12 months fast moving spare parts for FREE

 Authorized ISUZU sewage suction trucks exporter

 Training service for ISUZU sewer cleaner trucks

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck

Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck

CEEC TRUCKS is a leading exporter of ISUZU vacuum suction trucks in China. We possess over 10-year export experience of vacuum trucks. We can ensure the fast delivery time and 12 months guarantee for our sewer cleaner trucks. Our vacuum tank trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- Maximize save your sea freight.

---- Safety, Quickly, Timely

CEEC garbage compactor truck factory review

---- Service more than 60 countries.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- CO, FORM E, FORM P, Pre-shipping Inspection...


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      Isuzu NPR vacuum suction truck with JUROP Pump
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