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Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck made in China

Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck

The Isuzu 5,000 liters sewage suction truck is a powerful and high-performance cleaning device. The Isuzu NKR sewage suction truck's efficient cleaning capabilities and flexible configuration make it an important tool for urban cleaning and maintenance. Whether it is city streets, parks or industrial areas, the Isuzu NKR sewage suction truck can provide reliable support for environmental cleaning.

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Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck




ISUZU 5000L sewage suction Truck (also called sewage tanker truck, ISUZU 4×2 vacuum tank truck, ISUZU 6 wheel vacuum suction truck, ISUZU sewer sucker, ISUZU hydro-vac, China vacuum truck manufacturer) is used for suctioning and transporting various types of liquids, sludge, or solids. The vacuum system on the truck creates negative pressure inside the tank, allowing it to suck up and store materials such as sewage, wastewater, grease, septic waste, industrial byproducts, and hazardous or non-hazardous materials.environment and sanitation field.


CEEC TRUCKS Vacuum truck which use WEILONG or Italy BP vacuum pump, for 10CBM or more recommend Double Pump for efficiently working.


The septic pump truck can be equipped with cabin Pneumatic Control for easy operation.

 Key Features:         


---- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance

---- ISUZU technology engine option, super powerful, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

---- Vacuum Tanker body capacity from 3 to 20 Cublic Meter.

---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Various types of refuse container lifter are available.

Isuzu NKR vacuum tank trucks are designed and constructed with high quality and practicality in mind. It adopts ISUZU 100P chassis with a special body, including tailgate (rear hopper), discharge/unloading plate, compaction plate, sliding plate, etc., to achieve efficient and convenient sludge treatment. Its 3,000-litre capacity and 5,000-litre sludge/sewage tank are enough to handle most operations.

Isuzu NKR sewage tank truck is equipped with VERYONG/68-7000 water-cooled vacuum pump, which has strong air pumping capacity. The maximum air pumping capacity reaches 800 cubic meters/hour and the maximum vacuum degree can reach 93%, providing strong support for efficient sludge treatment. . In addition, it is equipped with a heavy-duty spiral sewage suction pipe with a diameter of 4 inches and a length of 3 meters. It is equipped with quick-connect joints and male and female couplers to facilitate sewage suction operations.

Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck

The Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck is also equipped with an anti-backflow device to effectively prevent sludge backflow and ensure operational safety. Overall, this Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck is an efficient, stable and safe sludge treatment equipment suitable for various sewage treatment scenarios.






Drive Type

4×2 Left-Hand Drive

Overall Dimension(L x W x H)

5,900×1,950×2,400 (mm)

Gross Vehicle Weight


Curb Weight




Chassis Designed



Hydraulic power steering type.1 driver+2 passengers

Drive wheel(Tires )

4+2 and one spares (total of 7 wheels)

Tire Size



Make / Model



4 cylinders in line, 4 strokes direct injection, water cooling, Intercooled Turbocharged



Nominal Power

120HP (88kw) @ 3400rpm

Peak Torque


Emission Standard

Euro 5



Make / Model






Number of Speeds



ISUZU chassis; Body; Tailgate (rear hopper); Ejection/discharging Plate; Compaction Plate; Slide Plate



Sludge Tank


The tank is mounted with an arrangement for the rear tipping




Sludge/sewage tank compartment: 5,000liters

Level Indicators

Material: Transparent acrylic tubing with thick wall

Quantities: Total two units. One on each compartment.

Rear Door

Fully open-able type

It is reinforced for structural integrity.

Raised to the angle of 80°to the vertical.

Locking and sealing (no leakage) are done by hand wheel-operated bolts, which are a robust design located circumferentially on the tank’s rear end of the shell.

The liquid is tight by means of a self-compensating seal and is locked by means of manual latches.

Vacuum Pump



Pump Capacity




Maximum Vacuum



Water-cooled vacuum pump, heavy duty/multi-cylinder type, strong high-pressure, continuous duty.

Max. Exhaust Power



Heavy Duty Spiral Suction Hoses

Provided with five heavy Duty spiral suction hoses, 4″ diameter. The hose is 3 meters in length with aluminum or galvanized steel light and easy-to-handle PVC hose along with quick-connect fittings on each end and provided with male-female couplings for the suction application

Safety Device

Equipped with anti-flow devices


Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck

(Factory price ISUZU vacuum sucker trucks for sale )

The following are the main uses of this sewage suction truck, summarized in four points:

 Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck

1. City street cleaning: In urban management, keeping streets clean is crucial. Isuzu ELF sewage suction truck can effectively clean up water, oil stains and other waste on the road, restoring the cleanliness and tidiness of the streets. Through its efficient sewage suction capacity, it can quickly clean up large amounts of sewage and waste, reducing its impact on the environment.

2. Cleaning of industrial areas: Industrial areas usually contain large amounts of oil, wastewater and other pollutants. Isuzu ELF sewage suction truck can quickly respond to these challenges, effectively clean sewage and waste in industrial areas, and keep industrial areas clean and hygienic. This is of great significance for maintaining the environment and production safety of industrial areas.

3. Parks and scenic spots are clean: Parks and scenic spots are important places for people to relax and entertain. Keeping them clean and hygienic is crucial to improving visitor experience and protecting the natural environment. Isuzu ELF sewage suction truck can efficiently clean sewage and waste in parks and scenic spots, keeping the environment clean and beautiful.

4. Special event response: When faced with natural disasters, accidents or other emergencies, the Isuzu ELF sewage suction truck can respond quickly, clean up large amounts of sewage and waste, and reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, its flexible configuration and efficient cleaning capabilities make it an important tool for special events.

CEEC TRUCKS is a professional vacuum tank trucks manufacturer. We can provide ISUZU vacuum suction truck, HOWO vacuum sewage truck, FOTON sewer sucker, Dongfeng septic vacuum truck, etc. The capacity of sewage tankers can be 3,000-20,000 liters. Our vacuum trucks are very popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America because of the high quality and low price. 

 Euro 5 type, ISUZU engine, super powerful

 Vacuum pump super powerful, efficient pump in and out

 12 months fast moving spare parts for FREE

 Authorized ISUZU sewage suction trucks exporter

 Training service for ISUZU sewer cleaner trucks

Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck

Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck

CEEC TRUCKS is a leading exporter of ISUZU vacuum suction trucks in China. We possess over 10-year export experience of vacuum trucks. We can ensure the fast delivery time and 12 months guarantee for our sewer cleaner trucks. Our vacuum tank trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- Maximize save your sea freight.

---- Safety, Quickly, Timely

CEEC garbage compactor truck factory review

---- Service more than 60 countries.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- CO, FORM E, FORM P, Pre-shipping Inspection...


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      Isuzu NKR vacuum tank truck
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