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70T Bogie suspension trailer hot sale in Africa countries

40 feet bogie suspension semitrailer manufacturer

Manufacturer directly sale 40 feet bogie suspension container trailer, optional parts BPW / FUWA axle, JOST / HOLLAND landing legs, JOST #50 & #90 kingpin, widely sale in Africa congo, kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, ivory coast

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    7 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $12,800-21,000
  • Market Price:

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40 ft bogie suspension container trailer Africa Congo


40 feet bogie suspension semitrailer supplier


Key features for CEEC produced bogie suspension trailers:

1. Axle up and down automatically

2. Loading platform keep balance automatically

3. Commonly used in transportation for military, vessel, spaceflight and extremity area

4. The contents of core technology creates countless possibilities and each individual component of the trailer construction kit can be used more frequently and accordingly be amortised faster. Total investment in the vehicle fleet is thus considerably reduced.

5. The maximum technical axle load of the different types of bogies was defined on the basis of a minimum speed of 30 km/h. This leads to a considerable optimisation of the dead weight compared to known modular axle lines.

6. Despite the weight optimisation, an enormous bending moment across all bogie variants is achieved by the use of high-strength fine-grained steels and a new frame design.

7. Particular importance was attached during the development to the simple operability of the overall concept.

8. The intuitive operator guidance significantly increases safety and reduces the risk of incorrect handling.


40 feet bogie suspension semitrailer


CONGO best semi remorque supplier for 40 T bogie suspension semi remorque, 60 T bogie suspension semi remorque, 70T bogie suspension semi remorque. We exported more than 100 unis bogie suspension semi remorque to CONGO, POINTE NOIRE.


Bogie suspension trailer hot sale


40 ft bogie suspension semi trailer serves the needs of customers transporting special equipment or material that create loads which are wide, over length, over-sized, overweight, or any combination thereof but can still legally move on the road. A bogie suspension trailer service is ideal for construction sites or shipping points that have no available dock or require quick loading and unloading for projects on the move with time sensitive schedules. All CEEC bogie suspension trailers widely export Africa Kenya, Congo, Algeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, etc.


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer


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40 feet bogie suspension semitrailer

Tare Weight

About 8.1T


12450mm × 2490mm× 1575mm

Loading Capacity (T)

60-70 Ton


Germany 32 T bogie suspension axle


9.00-22.5 or 9.75-22.5




Mechanical suspension (Germany or America type)Or air suspension (China brand or BPW brand )

Spring Leaf

90(W)mm×13(Thickness)mm×10 layers or 100mm×12mm×12(specially intended for overseas markets)

King Pin

JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch (bolted or welded)

Landing Gear (Support Leg)

JOST brand D200T or China brand 28Tons (Double speed)

Main beam

Height: 500mm Upper plate: 14mm Middle plate: 8mm Bottom plate: 16mm Material: Q345B Steel

Side Beam

16mm or 18mm steel channel (material: Q235steel).


3mm-thick checkered plate

Brake Chamber

WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber (TKL brand); 45L air tanks



Twist Locks

Four ,Eight or Twelve pieces (lifting type or twist Screw type)(specially intended for oversea market )


WABCO valve (specially intended for oversea market )


LED light (specially intended for oversea market )




7-pin Socket (for 7 wire harness)

Tool Box

1m × 0.5m × 0.5m (The tool box contains 1 tire spanner, 1 gudgeon sleeve and 1 cranking bar. Its size can be tailored to suit your needs.)


Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.

Shipping Terms

Transported by the bulk carrier in an RORO or 40HQ container.


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer     40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer     40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer


China Best Semitrailer on sale



Beiben 30T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 70T tractor truck manufacturer supply

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International standard Carbon steel Q235 and Q345 material, special choose Q550 material

Axle style: BPW and FUWA brand 13T & 16T for optional

Landing Gear: JOST and HOLLAND brand, or standard

TOP chinese brand 11.00R20 model tire as standard equipment, tire quantity 12 units

12 months free fast moving spare parts

Semitrailer export CKD and SKD expert


Bogie suspension trailer manufacturer supply


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer manufacturer

(Bogie suspension trailer in factory stock for quick delivery to Africa congo, kenya, algeria)


40 feet bogie suspention semitrailer

(Bogie suspension semitrailers at shanghai seaport and ready delivety to Africa)


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      40 feet bogie suspension semitrailer manufacturer
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