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best isuzu 8 CBM combined suction jetting truck

ISUZU 8000 L Combined Jetting Truck

ISUZU 8000 Liters combined jetting truck use Japanese technology isuzu 4*2 chassis, 6HK1-TCG40 engine with 240HP, MLD 6-shift manual gearbox, 10.00-20 tire as standard equipment, import Italy vacuum suction pump and jetting pump

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    30 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $55,000-70,000
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ISUZU Combined Jetting Truck manufacturer


ISUZU combined jetting truck

Excellent Isuzu Combined jetting trucks are mainly used for removing and transporting sand, stones,grease, sludge and other debris from sewage pipelines and/or sanitary sewer bythe flushing action of high pressure water.

The combination unit includes a quality vacuum pump and a high pressure water pump, as a multifunctional combination unit integrating a high pressure jetting system, a slurry separation system, a sewage discharge systemand vacuum suction system. It becomes the most advanced combination unit inChina with its key components imported from Europe.


ISUZU combined jetting truck


ISUZU 4*2 combined sewage suction jetting trucks features:

  Sewage taner and water tanker size:  6000 L up to 15,000 Liters

  Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Tanks Available

  English control panel for easy control and operation

  Hydrodynamic drainline dredging and cleaning.

  Hydrodynamicsewer and pipeline dredging and cleaning.

  High pressure surface cleaning.

  High pressure industrial cleaning.


ISUZU combined jetting truck


ISUZU combined jetting truck    ISUZU combined jetting truck


ISUZU combined jetting truck


ISUZU combined jetting truck


ISUZU combined jetting truck details    ISUZU combined jetting truck details


ISUZU combined jetting truck details    ISUZU combined jetting truck details


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ISUZU 8000 Liters Combined Jetting Truck



Driving Type

4*2    (Left hand drive)


4475 mm


176 kw (240hp)

Clean Water tank volume

3,000 Liter

Debris tank volume

5,000 Liter

High pressure pump type

Imported single-plunger high pressure pump



Jetting Flow capacity

500 L/min

Max. Pressure

20 Mpa

Vacuum pump type

Liquid ring pump

Air flow

52000 L/min (3100m3/h)



High pressure hose

(170/80) M/ (32/19)mm  (L/DN)

Suction hose

20M/150mm  (L/DN)


As option


ISUZU combined jetting truck


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combination jet-vac truck

(12 units sewer jetters are ready for shipment)

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Japanese ISUZU technology 4*2 chassis, Left Hand Drive model.

Isuzu 6HK1-TCG40 engine, 240HP, EURO 4 emission, 20% saved fuel consumption

MLD 6-shift manual gearbox, 6 forward & 1 reverse, provide all easy operation

Profession combined jetting trucks manufacturer experience over 10 years

High strength carbon steel Q345 material, thickness over 6mm
Chinese brand WEILONG vacuum suction pump, Import Darley vacuum pump for optional

12 months free fast moving spare parts

Training service for isuzu combined sewage suction jetting trucks 2~3 days in CEEC working plant

How ISUZU combined jetting trucks working?


ISUZU combined jetting truck

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      ISUZU 8000 L Combined Jetting Truck
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